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Satan's Right Hand Hellspawn




     Edward Theodore Gein was the most notorious serial killer to have ever walked the face of the earth. Raised by an abusive mother and an alcoholic mother, Ed spent his days after his parent's death living a life of solitude and obsession. He was considered to be 'odd' by his fellow townsfolk but unbeknown to them, Ed suffered from a severe Oedipal complex and undiagnosed schizophrenia.

     Sadly, his deteriorating mental health led to him murdering two of the townsfolk. Decades later, Ed's atrocious crimes served as the inspiration for such movies as 'Psycho', 'Three On A Meathook', 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' & 'The Silence Of The Lambs'.

     However, while the world saw Ed as a Monster amongst men, Satan himself recognized what truly boiled under the surface.

     In ‘ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER’, we join Ed seven years after his death, where he is requested by Satan to go back to Plainfield to hunt and return a deranged demon who has escaped the bowels of Hell in order to destroy everything in existence. However, Ed can’t truly bring the demon back to Hell until he has learned to overcome his internal demons first.

     Ed is a complex character. He is not a hero, anti-hero or protagonist in his story. He is just the lead. A Man who is driven by a childlike desire to finally gain the approval of his mother that he has sought after all of his life (and afterlife). His journey is not one of redemption. It’s simply a journey where a middle-aged man discovers that his mother abused him as a child. He’s weird, quirky and strangely sensitive.


     Ed's unusual sensibilities often display themselves through his demeanour and occasionally, he can be found chuckling to himself, especially when he is surrounded by anything that could be described as macabre.

     Deep down, Ed just wants to be loved and for the extreme bullying he has experienced all of his life to stop so that he can show others that even though he is unusual, he can bring value to the world that he feels he does not belong in.


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