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Satan's Right Hand Hellspawn




Ezra wasn't like other Hellspawn. When he was young and his thousands of siblings were obsessed with causing carnage, destruction and chaos, Ezra would ponder. He would often hide among the stone and the brimstone that framed his home and dream of an existence where he could have a purpose. As his siblings fought with one another, Ezra would take time to examine the infrastructure of Hell, looking for ways to torture the souls of the damned with efficiency and prowess.

     It wasn't long before Satan saw inside Ezra's soul, realizing that this timid little Hellspawn was a tortured soul himself.

     From that point on, Satan took Ezra under his wing, doing all he could to bring some semblance of happiness and purpose to Ezra's life, while also teaching him to come out of his shell and find his own way of becoming assertive.

     At first, Ezra struggled with his new found position of serving the master that created him as an advisor to his business of punishing the damned. But as time went on, Ezra realized that his need for structure, organizing and problem solving was not too different from his siblings need to continuously battle one another. In fact, Ezra realised that his siblings violent altercations were just a fools way of trying to organize. So, Ezra listened to the lessons that his master had to teach him and did all he could to practice those teaching in his day to day life. However, due to Ezra's nature, implementing the practices of his master did not form into an aggressive side to himself, but instead formed into sarcastic wit. Which, to this day, has helped Ezra to stand up for himself and what he believes in and to be more confident in all manners of conflict.


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