• Lucifer Storm

It's Time For A Small But Significant Change...

I've always done my best to be open and transparent with my audience. I don't like the idea of using misdirection tactics or verbose yet deceiving language to hide anything from my audience when they ask me questions about my work. I have often had people tell me that I tell my audience too much. And I always tell them that they have no idea how much I didn't say.

It's because of this that I want to be open and honest about a decision that I have been thinking about for months now; Whether or not it is time for me to use a pen name.

The name 'Fwah' is confusing for some people because it's not an easy name to read, spell or pronounce. I have a ton of stories about I could bore you with about the many different failed attempts from people to pronounce my name.

I've contemplated and researched pen names and whether it really would be a good idea for me to use one. I have spoken to close friends about the matter and with people who also work in comics to get their thoughts on the matter. And while the feedback I have received has been mixed, I listened to my gut and realized that not only should I use a pen name but now is the best time for me to do that.

So, starting with my forthcoming graphic novel 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS', my work will be published under my new pen name: Lucifer Storm.

I can already hear some people cringing at my choice of pen name and I don't blame you. But it's the only one I could think of that I liked and that I felt suited the type of stories I write and illustrate. And most people I talked to about it loved the name.

In fact, one of my friends (who is a devout Christian) said 'I can't believe I'm going to say this but I think that Lucifer Storm is the best pen name for you'.

I have a bit of work to do to make sure that the transition is smooth and that the branding of my pen name is consistent across my platform. Which I've already started to do with my website. The address of fwahstorm.co.uk will still take you to my website but so will the address of luciferstorm.com. But it shouldn't take me too long.

I could rabbit more on the matter but I would only sound like a broken record. The fact of the matter is I will be using a pen name from now on and that pen name is Lucifer Storm. If you like it then great! If you don't then that's too bad. I just hope it doesn't stop you from enjoying my work.

Until next time: Take Care Of Yourselves, Take Care Of Each Other and Stay Awesome.


Lucifer Storm