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Strange, Surprising, and Captivating: Enter the World of 'Crazy Curiosities'

General knowledge is something that captures the attention of most people. It’s why game shows such as ‘The Chase’ or ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ garner such a large audience and websites like YouTube are inundated with video essays on a plethora of different topics and subjects.

I’m not going to try and convince you that I’m not partial to a little general knowledge either. It’s just the general knowledge that captures my attention is usually related to topics that most people would deem as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’. Cause the fact of the matter is, my attention is more drawn to the crazy curiosities that exist in our world.

So, instead of storing all of that information about some of the more bizarre things that exist and hoping that one day it will come to good use in a pub quiz, I thought it was about time to start sharing this stuff with you on my blog.

Which is why I’m over the moon about introducing the latest category to my blog titled ‘Crazy Curiosities’.



You might be asking yourself: ‘What is a ‘Crazy Curiosity’?…That’s a really good question that is not easy to answer, but I’ll do my best.

We’ve all had that moment when we have been talking to a friend or family member, or even that one guy down at the bar who seems cool and is overly chatty, and at some point in the conversation the words ‘Did you know’ pour out of their mouths like verbal diarrhoea.

Usually, the three word opening station of the sentence is followed by some sort of fact that sparks the fire of intrigue…Unless it’s a very mundane fact that is common knowledge, in which case, the conversation takes a plummet and lands in the yawn filled country of ‘I don’t care’.

You know what I’m talking about’Did you know that when you eat a stick of celery you’re burning more calories than what is in the stick of celery’…..’Did you know that in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Han Solo was meant to say ‘I love you too’ to Princess Lea, but Harrison Ford changed it at the last minute to ‘I know’.

Well, I proudly admit that I’m the weird guy who usually says something along the lines of ‘Did you know that a Venus Fly Trap can eat a whole cheeseburger’?

While it is true that not every one enjoys the weird and the wonderful, I certainly do, and I get a huge kick out of sharing that information with others who are also intrigued by the strange and the bizarre. There is nothing like seeing someone’s excitement mixed with disbelief when you tell them about a Heavy Metal Band whose singer is an African Grey parrot or about the pilot to a cancelled sitcom that was brought to life by three Jewish producers who all though it was a great idea to make Adolf Hitler the lead character of their sitcom.

In fact, the only thing better than telling my fellow seekers of the weird and bizarre about this stuff is seeing them laugh when I prove that it actually does exist. But I feel that now is the time to take all of this knowledge that I have stored up and share it with you while I continue to explore the peculiar things that exist in our world that a lot of people may not know about.



You’re probably wondering ‘what counts as a crazy curiosity’? And once again, that is a good question.

I can’t say that I really have a quota when it comes to the selection process. Except that if I think it’s the kind of subject matter that would get a surprised reaction from someone if I told them about it in person, then it stand a high chance of having me write a blog post about it for this section.

For example, you might just see posts related to:

The aforementioned Heavy Metal Band with a Parrot Lead Singer

Japan’s offensive alternative to Batman

The unofficial Godzilla movie that was made because of a dictator who kidnapped the director’s wife

The aforementioned Hitler driven sitcom that was produced by three Jewish TV producers

8-Bit Black Metal

And so much more.



Needless to say, covering this kind of subject matter can lead to a wide range of posts. Some of them will make you laugh, some of them will shock you and I have no doubt that someone will come across one or more of these posts and feel offended…Which is fine. However, just remember that while we all have the right to be offended, no one has the right to NOT be offended. If you do come across one of these posts and feel perturbed by it, then move on to another post or to other content that I have on my website. How you feel is valid but it is not an excuse to try and take it away from people who are not offended by it.

What I’m trying to say is this: Keep an open mind. The subject matter is strange and bizarre and is best enjoyed with a curious and open mind.



If you’re anything like me, you will be eager to dive into this category of my blog. Excitement will bubbling up inside of you like an overflowing cauldron…Or you’re rolling your eyes the same way my therapist does when I start talking about how I once had a three-hour argument with a lamp post…Either way, I can tell you that the first of the ‘Crazy Curiosities’ posts will be published next week.

However, I would also like to state that I have a lot of other subjects to cover on my blog as well as juggling the production of other content, writing and producing comic books and graphic novels and fulfilling my life long quest of obtaining as many titles as possible to my name…So far, I have ‘Lord’ and ‘Reverend’…I just need to find a way of adding ‘Captain’, ‘Count’ and ‘Doctor’ and I’ll be a very happy bunny.

My point is, the first post will drop next week and after that I will be doing everything in my power to bring a new ‘Crazy Curiosities’ post every month. But if you’re lucky, you might be treated to the extra post in this category here and there.
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