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The Cover Of 'ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER #1' Has Been Revealed!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

This is the exciting part of working on a mini-series. Because this is the moment when you know that the very first issue has been completed. Not only does the cover give you a little hint of what to expect from the book but it lets you know that the release is drawing nearer!

So without further ado, I'm extremely happy to reveal to you the cover for the very first issue of 'ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER'!!!

'ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER' is a four-issue Outlaw Comics Mini-Series that will take you on an adventure unlike any other. The story blends elements of the fantasy, comedy and drama genres and wraps them up in an adventure horror story that is full of humour, heroics and a little heart.

After a deranged demon escapes Hell intending to destroy everything in existence, Ed Gein, The infamous Butcher Of Plainfield is sent back to his old stomping ground to hunt, capture and return the demon to Hell. But first, Ed must overcome his past traumas and his own personal demons.


That's it for now but soon I will be able to let you all know when you can expect the first issue to be released!

Until Next Time: Give 'Em Hell




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