• Lucifer Storm

The First Lucifer Storm MURDERFOLK EP On The Way!

It's been many years since I was last attached to a music project. However, during that time I had always been writing music for myself with the hopes that some sort of rock/metal-based solo project would happen (something that I still want to make happen).

But I'm not the kind of person who can only listen to one genre of music (although, I do have my go-to genre). So it should come as no surprise that at some point I would try something a little different...I just never knew until now that it would be Murderfolk!

So I'm happy to inform everyone that I have been working on a three-track Murderfolk EP titled 'A Special Place In Hell'.

In the beginning stages, it was a ten-track album but along the way, I decided to take out the songs I felt weren't ready and the songs that just didn't seem to fit and that left me with three tracks. One of which was written on the day of recording the EP.

I wanted the EP to be raw and I wanted the human element to be present in the songs. So no metronome was used, no virtual instruments and mistakes were left in. The way I think it should be with music.

The tracks for the EP are:

  1. Deep Dead Eyes

  2. Pick Up On West Summerdale Avenue

  3. A Special Place In Hell

I don't have a set release date for the EP yet, however, it will be very soon if I have anything to do with it. And you will be able to get it from the Music section of my website for absolutely FREE...Well, you will need to give your e-mail address but you won't have to part with any money.

It will also be available from other platforms and I will be uploading the individual tracks as well as the entire EP to my YouTube channel.

Once I have an official release date you can bet that I will mention it here.

Until Next Time: Take Care Of Yourselves, Take Care Of Each Other & Stay Awesome!