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The OFFICIAL website for 'LADY SATAN' is now LIVE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! The official website for LADY SATAN is now live and you can visit it by going here.

There's still some time before 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS' begins serialization but it's never too early to have the website ready, right? Of course, the website is a little bare at present, however, you can sign up to the mailing list so that you will be notified the moment any new content is adding to the site. And on top of that you will find a section for Fan Art - A couple of pieces have been put up on the website and there's plenty of room for more - And I'm sure there will be other goodies uploaded to the site for those of you who have shown your support for LADY SATAN and her forthcoming book.

On top of this, I can now say that quite a bit of interest concerning LADY SATAN has been shown which has lead to me planning where her story will go over multiple books. So if all goes well with 'ANGEL IN KILLERS DRESS' then I will be able to get to work on follow up books as soon as possible. Something that I'm sure I will talk about in future posts.

The synopsis for 'Lady Satan: An Angel In A Killers Dress' is as follows:

"After surviving being in a snuff film, Lucille Fourrure (A.K.A. LADY SATAN), a stripper turned vigilante from France finds herself on British soil. She has traveled from town to town taking down criminals in the hopes that she will one day find the man responsible for her past ordeal. An ordeal that left her with P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and P.G.A.D. (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) as well as an appetite for revenge.     
But when LADY SATAN finds the location of the man responsible for her traumatic past, she discovers that he is a high ranking police officer named Chief Inspector Bennett who is under investigation by internal affairs. Feeling incapable of bringing him down, LADY SATAN is reluctant to exact her revenge upon him. Until she finds evidence that links Chief Inspector Bennett to several unforgivable crimes.      Now LADY SATAN must battle her anxiety, doubts, crippling P.T.S.D. and her debilitating P.G.A.D. in order to exact her revenge upon Chief Inspector Bennett.
     Will LADY SATAN be able to exact her revenge upon Chief Inspector Bennett? Or will she be put behind bars before she has a chance?

Until Next Time: Take Care Of Yourselves, Take Care Of Each Other and have a great Christmas and an awesome New Year!