Lucifer Storm is an award-winning Author & Graphic Novelist from Bournemouth, South Of England. With an extreme imagination and a huge passion for storytelling, Lucifer has crafted a large stable of characters and stories that have entertained readers across the globe. Lucifer is a proud geek, horror fan, movie lover, musician, animal lover and a passionate supporter of free speech who doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon.


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     Well, now that you've read the 'official' or more 'professional' summary of who I am and what I do, let's do this the more human way, shall we?

     My name is Lucifer Storm and I have daily play dates with my imagination which somehow become stories.

     My journey begins back in the year 1982 when I came kicking and screaming into the world. Most people are born and have a childhood full of fun, frolics and the obligatory coming of age. For me, I had a childhood of being a full-time young career to an older sibling with extreme mental disabilities and under the rule of a parent with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (something that I would not fully understand and realize until later in life).

     During the years of growing up I was continually told that I was weird and strange but as it turns out, I'm just me. I like what I like and if you don't like that then join the queue. Along my way, I've made mistakes just like everyone else and I've grown as an individual. Which has lead to me going down a path where I have experienced being a musician, a magician (as in card tricks, not the bearded kind with the funky hat and cape), a diploma in writing books for children (don't laugh), a background in psychology (it's basic so don't come to me if you need a therapist) and much more.

     At present, I live in my home town where I spend my free time working on new books and comics, messing around with YouTube and Podcasts, spending time with my friends (usually talking about serial killers) and taking care of wild foxes.

     Even though my tastes are 'eclectic', I do have my go-to preferences. I love Horror Movies, Outlaw Comics and Heavy Metal Music. And when it comes to entertainment, I'm often nostalgic.

     The last thing you should know about me is that I do not have time for political correctness. I've seen first-hand the damage it can do and I've done my research on the origin. It is a tool that is only ever used by bullies, control freaks, dictators in waiting and narcissists.

     I believe that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate family-friendly entertainment. It just means I see more value in art that doesn't pull its punches.

     I would say that's me in a nutshell but if I did then I would be lying. That's just a taster. IF you want to know more then I'm always happy to talk. Either that, or you can walk where others fear to tread and try out one of my books, songs or even a podcast.

I'll catch you on the dark side,




Audience Choice Award - Dark Days/Movie Zone 2013 (Dortmund, Germany)



Ed Gein: Demon Hunter (2021)

Lady Satan: An angel In A Killers Dress (2021)

Wildcat: In The Light Of The Moon (2021)

Wildcat: Where The Dead Go To Die (2019)

Solestar (2013)​​


'The Apex Disorder EP' By S&MAN (2021)

'A Special Place In Hell' By LUCIFER STORM (2020)

'Based On A True Story' By ABUSE (2005)

'Cicoe EP' By ABUSE (2003)



Convention Of The Dead (2013)