Lucifer Storm is an award-winning Author & Graphic Novelist from Bournemouth, South Of England. With an extreme imagination and a huge passion for storytelling, Lucifer has crafted a large stable of characters and stories that have entertained readers across the globe. Lucifer is a proud geek, horror fan, movie lover, musician, animal lover and a passionate supporter of free speech who doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Audience Choice Award - Dark Days/Movie Zone 2013 (Dortmund, Germany)




Jericho (2011)

Svengali (2012)

Unity (2013)

Solestar (2013)

The Fallen: Between Angels & Insects (2014)

Guinea Pig: The Darker Side Of Japanese Cinema (2014)

STUFFED! (2014)

Sadist Cinema: A Serbian Film (2014)

Pegasus (2014)

The Asylum Of Fables (2015)

The Fallen: Date, Rape & Videotape (2015)

Desperate Times (2017)

Writing Dialogue For Comics Books & Graphic Novels (2018)

Wildcat: Where The Dead Go To Die (2019)



Impending Titles:


Emerald Witch

Saving Face


Wrapped In Plastic


Jericho: Chasing Ghosts

Jericho: A Call To Arms

Jericho: Welcome To Hell


Skin & Bones

The Paperchase

Unity: Waiting For The Worlds

Unity: When A Fad Becomes Fatal

Unity: Empathy Deficit

Glyf: Blurry

The Survivors

The Apex Disorder

The House Of Laughter

A Murder Of Flies


Developing Plot For Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Structuring Story For Comic Books & Graphic Novels

The Fallen: Untitled Sequel

Lady Satan: Hath No Fury

Ms. Masque

Nightmare: A God Without A Universe

Lady Satan: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Lady Satan: An Angel In A Killers Dress




'Based On A True Story' By ABUSE (2005)




Convention Of The Dead (2013)

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